Mubasher Lucman & Mysteries of the World

Let’s say that, at some point, we discover extraterrestrial presence in our atmosphere with the naked eye. No doubt, this could be a shock to the inhabitants of the planet earth. However, would the mere existence of that unseen presence shake the core foundation of all world religions? Would a heavenly religion return to a screeching halt with the revelation that there’s a different intelligent life in the universe?

Mubasher Lucman, takes on this interesting topic in this documentary; Mysteries of the World, in his signature style, and draws many examples from the Holy Qur’an as well. His point of view to substantiate the scientific theory with Quranic evidence is further corroborated by the famous Qur’an scholar, Yousaf Ali.

In Surat Ash-Shuraa (42:29), Qur’an articulates that among His (Allah) signs is also the creation of the heavens of the earth, and of the living creatures which He (Allah) has scattered through them: and only He (Allah) has the power to collect them along, as He (Allah) wills.

Yusuf Ali, whose translation of the Qur’an is one amongst the foremost widely read in the world, additionally comments on this verse (42:29), “It can be assumed that life in one form or another is spread through a number of the massively devine bodies scattered across the universe.”

The existence of the parallel universe isn’t outside the bounds of the Muslim thought, and it has always been there deeply embedded in the Quranic teachings, and many progressive Muslim scholars alluded to it often. But very few projected it on the camera in Pakistan. However, Lucman took the initiative to educate the masses.

The advent of the quantum physics and string theory has given rise to the insight that our physical universe is formed from additional dimensions than the four evident ones. The multi-dimensionality is further alluded to in Qur’an, in Surat Adh-Dhariyat (51:47).

Muslim scholars have always been aware of the multiple dimensions and parallel worlds long before such terms were even coined. Jinn is an Arabic term employed in the Qur’an to explain beings that live on the far side of our perception. As Muhammad Asad refers to the term to “genies” or “demons” with wider implications than the general perception.

The term “Jin” is derived from the Arabic word “Janna” that is best explained as one thing that’s “veiled from the naked eye” and “can, therefore, be applied to all or any types of the presence of invisible beings, forces or universes.”

The fact that Jinn, hid from our senses, implicate that they board dimensions on the far side of our perception, is no longer an assumption or a matter of pure spirituality. It has got scientific pieces of evidence to back it up. In fact, developments in quantum physics suggest that our universe might be created with as many as eleven or twenty-four separate dimensions.

Furthermore, it’s also potentially significant that our universe is just one amongst several “multiverses”. And Michio Kaku is one amongst the leading physicists of the world who comprehensively explains how the multiverse theory works.

These different universes might be at variable stages of development, some starting, some ending, and a few developing side-by-side with ours.

How fascinating is that!