Mubasher Lucman Sends Legal Notice to Reham Khan

Lucman is dead set on to chase Reham Khan on account of libel charges.

Mubasher Lucman censures Reham Khan; the ex-wife of Imran Khan who is notorious for an allegedly commisioned book to defame Imran Khan, PTI, and those who share the vision of PTI, in the name of feigned-biography, to libel him in her book.

A legal notice has been sent to Reham Khan on all her three addresses in UK, USA, and Pakistan by the counsel of Lucman; Saad Rasool Law Associates. But she has been refusing to be in receipt of the legal notice by Lucman. The leading anchorperson of Pakistan, Lucman, in this special message, articulates his strong intent to chase her legally and, in case, if she fails to apologize publicly with the same momentum she propagated her book, she would be subject to a tough lawsuit.

Reham Khan got the divorce from Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, but she allegedly could never move on and stayed determined in defaming Pakistan, Imran Khan, and all those who confronted her in the anti-Pakistan narrative-building.

She is a British national who got her first divorce from her first husband, Dr. Ijaz Rehman- a medical specialist and the father of her three kids, in 2005.  Married Imran Khan in 2014 and was divorced in 2015. She not only defamed every person associated with Khan be it PTI stalwarts or his personal friends like Mubasher Lucman but also gave anti-Pakistan interviews to Indian news channels. 

She was often seen with Haqqani and PML-N cronies prior to the publication of this book. Lucman claims in this video message that she is on the payroll of PML-N leadership, especially the Sharif clan, to write this malicious book with no substance, at all, at the core. Long before the book was published, Hanif Abbasi: former PML-N minister and now convicted in ephedrine drug case to end up serving his life sentence in Adiyala Jail, and few other Ministers of PML-N’s kitchen cabinet, predicted the onslaught of such a book to intimidate Khan.

Hussain Haqqani whose sole claim to scholastic glory is anti-Pakistan narrative-building through books, articles and memo-gate scandal is supposed to be in the alleged support of Reham Khan to write this highly sexually suggestive book. And, interestingly, according to the claims of Reham Khan, it was “edited” by her son, Sahir Rehman.

It appears that the lady seems to be living-off her last divorce with Khan, and is in no mood to alter her ways.

Despite the immense propaganda being carried out by Hussain Haqqani, Ali Gilani (former PTI worker), and Najam Sethi, the book staled on the shelves. Neither it could damage Khan or Lucman nor could sell. The only reason behind this propaganda book was to cave in anyone who is sincere to the cause of a stable Pakistan. It was released prior to the General Elections of 2018 (GE-2018) but failed to create the intended impact because Khan won. 

Lucman also expressed his intent to sue Sethi, Gilani, and Haqqani for facilitating and propagating the book. He clued in to come after the mentioned three once as well once he takes care of Reham Khan, legally.

We must remember that Lucman is an investigative journalist with many significant stories to his credit. There are many “breaking stories” in his journalistic career such as exposing the corruption in PIA and in civil aviation (CAA) long before people knew about it. He exposed the biggies of media and politics to educate people how they are betrayed in broad daylight. He exposed the sham of media-ratings as well. These examples are few out of the many daring stories he did to undo the facade.

Rest assured, Lucman is in the habit of taking things to their logical conclusion with an unfaltering spirit to pursue the unadulterated truth-Khara Sach.

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