Mubasher Lucman: Low Point for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A very shoddy salvage job by Big Daddy King though bit late but, Saudis are still lying to cover the lying Crown Prince.

It’s the ultimate low point for the Kingdom and could easily have been avoided but, for the mentally unstable MBS the Crown Prince whose ego & anger are costing his country not just major international embarrassment but, caught red handed as well by the Turkish Government.

This most certainly means that MBS is on his way out who will fight tooth and nail to retain his title and job.

Both Turkey and Iran’s role is commendable, even though it could have been ruthless and the most opportune moment to settle scores with a very weak footed Saudi Arabia. Turkey for observing remarkable restraint and not sharing evidence with media or any international body. Iran for not utilising the opportunity to destabilise the Kingdom and not issuing a single hostile statement.

It’s high time for Saudis for introspection and major corrections and most critically a stable person instead of the errant Crown Prince with his devious methodologies of governance.

It also is time for Pakistan to rethink its most badly failed FP and to connect with the region in an economic paradigm and shift it from the all consuming security equation which has not at all served or added value to the country, its HDI or truly added to its GDP and sustainability.