Mubasher Lucman exposes truth about Shahid Hayat

Famous anchor Mubasher Lucman, yet again, revealed some surprising truths in his program ‘Khara Such’.

During his recent program, he revealed that Islamabad is under siege rendering the recent protests by religious fanatics.  The fanatics had earlier announced about their protest but the government did not take any step of disallowing them.

When the protestants reached red zone, all the policemen left the area upon which the rangers were called but unfortunately the forces were too less in numbers.

After a lot of unfortunate events following the Lahore blast, Islamabad protest and arrest of Indian spy in Pakistan, it was revealed that the government is indeed involved in destroying Pakistan.

Mubasher Lucman revealed that government of Nawaz Sharif is involved with RAW in their malicious activities against Pakistan.

Many Indians were given visa exemption to almost every city of Pakistan upon working in Ramzan Mill belonging to Mian Nawaz Sharif.

He revealed that Shahid Hayat claims that DG ISI is backing him with all his corrupt activities.