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Mubasher Lucman encourages youth to learn aviation

Pakistan well known anchorperson Mubahser Lucman attended a session of O’ levels students at Hybrid Aviation to encourage them for learning aviation.


He was invited as a chief guest by the academy where he addressed and encourages all the students. He also raised their morale informing students that flying plane is not a big deal and anybody can learn that. He added that there is no hard and fast rule of learning this however, once you learn it properly, you will get a licence for your personal planes too. aviation 6

Lucman also encouraged the youth for having their personal plane. Furthermore, he told that buying a personal plane is not as difficult as it is thought rather, its just of the same price as of your car. He tried to ease the students by telling that his 15-year-old son flies the plane Lucman owns.


Moreover, in an answer to a question, the anchorperson warned to fight or going against nature, saying them to avoid flying plane in stormy weather.

He said: The one who can fly plane, can do anything in the life.

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Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada was also present there who aimed of learning aviation too and encouraged girls for coming forward.

At the end, students took group pictures with Mubasher Lucman and a question and answer session was also held that increased the knowledge of students.

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