Mubasher Lucman claims PTI Government Responsible for Stock Market Fail

Asad Umer behind Stock Market Fail

Asad Umar should be fired immediately… I had promised my PTI friends that I will not comment on this government’s performance or lack of it, for at least a 100 days but, this “genius” is going to meltdown the economy completely if he is not removed. Being CEO of Engro is one thing, being Finance Minister of Pakistan is a totally different ball game.

This must be the first government in the history of the world to squander that good feel in the shortest possible time. We all knew that an IMF package was imminent but he kept delaying it and giving false hope that billions were coming from here there and everywhere… because they had dug a big hole with their anti-IMF rhetoric. I spoke to a few senior bureaucrats last few days and they all said he is a “know it all” and just doesn’t listen to any sane advice.

When a new government takes over, there is always a bullish sentiment all around with great hope and excitement.

This kind of arrogance and juvenile idiocy, nay lying, is a product of overconfident, self-created delusional incompetence and novice imbecility.

I kept warning you guys at the risk of being dubbed a Sharif sympathiser but no one listened… hunn chupo gunay… these morons have to be given a medal for creating the most destructive uncertainty in the quickest possible time ever, shattering all hopes of that elusive “Naya Pakistan”.

It was only when on Friday the stock market fell close to 900 points and crashed almost 1400 points yesterday that alarm bells started ringing and these geniuses finally woke up and realised the futility of their stupidity. This rude awakening hopefully, should teach them to stop playing such silly games with the economy. They thus were forced to hurriedly announce going to the IMF but, the massive damage has been done.

This rude awakening hopefully, should teach them to stop playing such silly games with the economy.

This idiocy is of their own making and constantly blaming their incompetence on the previous government will soon have very few takers. Where people’s hard earned money is involved, you cannot be the catalyst of creating such blatant uncertainty. As a student of economics we were taught that you can’t play politics or mess around with market sentiments… it will never forgive you.