Exclusive by Mubasher Lucman (Certified Pilot): All the things a pilot is allowed to do in the cockpit during flying hours.

Senior Journalist Mubasher Lucman expresses his sentiments regarding the viral video of Chinese passenger being taken to visit the cockpit. It also includes an analysis of the much-read story about a pilot taking a nap during flight.

The story headlined, “PIA pilot grabs some shut-eye leaving aircraft in hands of trainee”, was published in Dawn on May 7. Amir Akhtar Hashmi, the pilot, has issued a contradiction. He said the picture published with the story was an old one and that in that flight he was officially travelling as a passenger.

Earlier this week, a pilot of PIA named Captain Shahzad left the cockpit and went to invite a Chinese passenger into the cockpit. The video of the incident went viral on social media platforms. It is reported that the woman stayed inside the cockpit for over 2 hours until the flight landed.

When this was reported, a PIA spokesperson said that,

Taking passenger into cockpit doesn’t affect safety of the craft.

This brief in the video explains what is actually right and what is wrong. Watch and optimise your flying experience!


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