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‘MQM target killer’ arrested by Rangers in Karachi

Rangers operation Karachi met another landmark by arresting the most wanted target killers including the one arrested today.

Past few days of operation remained successful for the armed force and captured many target killers and criminals who were on the hit list of Rangers. Investigation from the arrested ones led to another success of arresting the most wanted target killer,

Rangers conducted a raid into a house near More Park in Azizabad from where along with the criminals, they found disastrous weapons including the short machine guns (SMGs), rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), rocket launcher, several bullet rounds and Rangers outfits.

The spokesperson for the paramilitary force reported, “Rangers carried out an intelligence-based raid in Azizabad late on Monday and arrested target killer Kashif alias David.”

Rangers official Colonel Faisal told, “Mohammad Kashif alias David, who belongs to the MQM, is a most wanted criminal in multiple targeted killing and terrorism incidents.”

The force has been carrying out a great role in eradicating the terrorism and crime scenes from the city by arresting target killers, extortionist and other criminals.

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