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MQM-Pakistan workers emotionally affiliated with Altaf: Sattar

KARACHI: Chief of Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Dr Farooq Sattar said that his party workers have emotional affiliation with Altaf Hussain.

He also stated that voters did not seem divided, but politicians are divided.
Sattar was discussing the political situation in a morning show on Wednesday; he demanded the government to nullify August 22 case. He also declared that he had ended his old associations with Altaf and declared it a big sacrifice.
“One tends to have an emotional affiliation with the founder of an ideology. Giving up such old association is indeed a huge sacrifice,” said Sattar.
He also said that MQM-P is in the process of debriefing the party workers. He also admitted that 35 percent of his party workers have emotional affiliation with the former leader Altaf Hussain.
The MQM-P chief also said: “MQM-P understands the matters in Karachi, we have 2,200 local body representatives on our platform.”
He also talked about his recent arrest and said that it might be a message that authorities could detain and release him any time. He also said that he does not care for his life, but his party just want a policy. Further, he said that the success of his party should not be measured by the gathering on Youm-e-Tasees, but it should be measured from the Workers Convention.
Farooq Sattar had taken over the leadership of MQM from Pakistan and declared its separation from MQM-London.

The anti-Pakistan remarks of former leader Altaf Hussain caused a nation-wide anger and displeasure for MQM. To save party’s face Farooq Sattar announced the separation of MQM-Pakistan from London-based leadership.