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MQM drops another wicket, joins Pak Sarzameen Party

KARACHI: Leader of recent came in party Pak Sarzameen Party Mustafa Kamal on Monday announced the inclusion of former Senator and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Mohammad Ali Brohi into the party.

Mustafa said, Brohi was also followed by several associate who had served their services as zonal members, zonal in-charges and sector in-charges.330717_42711281

“There is no place in Sindh that they are not connected to,” Kamal said, highlighting their connection to the province, adding that there had been attempts to increase in the urban and rural divide in Sindh.

Muhammad Ali Brohi said  “When we joined the MQM, we thought it would serve as a bridge for Urdu speaking and Sindhi people.” Truth reveals, it might take period but finally stand firm.  He said that after some time he learned that the party is playing divide and rule.

“The entire community was destroyed because of one central figure. Everyone in this country should be as one.”

“Our colleagues were given guns and our future generations have been ruined because of this.”

Kamal added that in a press conference that the party will hold a protest on April 24. Kamal said that in coming days some new offices across Karachi and other cities in Sindh.

When the journalist asked about the attack on his convoy in Mirpurkhas, he said, “One day all those who threw stones at us will present us with flowers.”

Earlier in March, when Kamal returned to Pakistan, the MQM dissident unleashed a salvo of bombastic ‘revelations’ against party supremo Altaf Hussain, accusing him of deception, addressing workers while intoxicated and poor running of the MQM.

Earlier in month of March Mustafa Kamal made heroic entry in Pakistan, MQM dissident who join the newly appointed Pak Sarzameen Party unveiled the real face of MQM party head Altaf Hussain. The accusation include him of deceiving worker while intoxicated.

Since then, the ex-mayor of Karachi has extracted dissident MQM prominent leaders including Advocate Anis, Raza Haroon, Anis Kaimkhani, Dr Sagheer, Iftikhar Alam, Waseem Aftab into his party.

Party Pak Sarzameen Party’s name was announced on March 23. The party have open several office in Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas.

Advocate Anis and Raza Haroon in very clear words both banged Altaf Hussain, saying the MQM chief is the reason behind party members downfall. Though party MQM has denied all allegations regarding the ‘minus-Altaf formula’ and claims its workers are being ‘forced to change loyalties’.