Bangladesh: Motiur Rahman Nizami serves death penalty with in few months

DHAKA: On Wednesday, Bangladesh’s highest court endrosses the death sentence of the pioneer of largest Islamist party. The leader accused of involvement in criminal acts during 1971 war and he will be executed within months.

Appeal dismissal of Motiur Rahman Nizami by the Supreme court of Bangladesh let him to pay for the price against the allegations of murder, rape and killings.

Prosecutor Tureen Afroz said to reporters that “The court declared the death sentence on the basis of three out of four charges but still we are blissful” and the silver lining is “Motiur Rahman Nizami sentenced to death because of the killing of the intellectuals”.

Motiur Rahman Nizami the leader of Islamist party since 2000 serves hanging within just few months unless he accords sympathy.

Three senior Jamaat authorities and a key pioneer of the principle restriction have been executed since December 2013 for atrocities, in spite of worldwide feedback of their trials by a dubious atrocities tribunal.

The court quickly rejected past surveys of those four resistance pioneers on death line, prompting their execution, the most recent in November a year ago.

Several common nonconformists who have been battling for the trials of the Islamist pioneers for their parts in the 1971 war burst into off the cuff festivities at a square in focal Dhaka as the news of the court’s choice came.

“This decision conveys a conclusion to the long and excruciating sit tight for equity for the groups of the casualties of the war,” Imran Sarker, leader of a common gathering, said, giving a V-hint to journalists.

Prosecutors said Nizami was the pioneer of an understudy wing of Jamaat amid the war and transformed it into the Al-Badr local army, which murdered top educators, authors, specialists and writers in the most horrifying part of the contention.

Their bodies were discovered blindfolded with their situation is dire and dumped in a bog on the edges of the capital.

The murdering was completed taking into account a hit-list he requested and the point was to “mentally injure” the youngster country, they said.

The original post appeared on ARY.