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Most deadly chopper crashes in Europe in last 10 years

Paris (AFP): Here is a list of the most deadly helicopter crashes in Europe in the last decade, following Friday’s accident in Siberia which killed 19 people.


Sept 11, RUSSIA: Eleven people, mostly senior officers, die when their helicopter crashes near the southern city of Vladikavkaz. The incident is claimed by rebels belonging to the North Caucasus radical Islamist group Kataib al-Khoul, fighting “against the military airforce of the infidels”.


Jan 12, MACEDONIA: A military Mi-17 helicopter returning from a mission to Bosnia-Hercegovina crashes near the capital Skopje, killing 11 people.

– March 27, UKRAINE: Twelve people are killed when an Mi-8 border guard helicopter comes down on an island in the Danube delta.

– April 28, UKRAINE: An Mi-8 helicopter crashes into the Black Sea after striking an off-shore oil platform. Twenty people die.


April 1, SCOTLAND: A Super Puma helicopter working for British oil group BP crashes into the North Sea some 55 km off the coast of Scotland, killing its 16 occupants.


Nov 10, TURKEY: Seventeen people die when a military helicopter crashes in bad weather in the southeastern district of Siirt.


July 2, RUSSIA: A Mi-8 helicopter carrying 25 people crashes in a remote area of eastern Siberia, killing 21 of them.

– Nov 29, SCOTLAND: Ten people die when a police Eurocopter EC135 T2 chopper crashes onto the roof of a pub in Glasgow, where over 100 people were celebrating on the eve of the national festival day, St Andrew’s Day.


June 1, RUSSIA: An Mi-8 helicopter carrying 18 people crashes in the middle of the night into Lake Munozero near Murmansk in northern Russsia. Sixteen of them die.

–2015- Nov 26: RUSSIA: Fifteen people die when an Mi-8 transport helicopter crashes near the small town of Igarka in western Siberia, while 10 are injured.


April 29, NORWAY: A Super Puma helicopter returning from a North Sea oil rig crashes in the west of the country, near the port of Bergen. All 13 people on board — 11 Norwegians, one Briton and an Italian — are killed.

– October 21, RUSSIA: Nineteen people die when an Mi-8 helicopter carrying 22 oil and gas field workers crashes in a remote area of Siberia.