Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Top 14

The world is full of beautiful places. Some are naturally beautiful with spectacular scenery consisting of trees, rivers, mountains etc, while others are made beautiful with the effort of humans who makes parks, houses, roads, buildings and other pieces or architecture – some are modern while some are traditional and old. It is a mix of all these factors that make a place worth visiting.

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is a city in Canada that is well planned and maintained. It has multiple roads and buildings. The city is surrounded by rivers and connected by bridges, it also has gorgeous views of mountains, what else does one need!

  1. Sydney

Sydney is probably the most popular city in Australia and it is also very expensive. Keeping aside the price, it can easily be claimed that the city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has many architectural wonders and a beautiful weather as well.

  1. Seville

It is a city in Spain which is rich in traditional architecture. Lord Byron once said of Seville, it ‘is a pleasant city, famous for oranges and women.’ The city looks like a historical paradise that attracts many tourists.

  1. San Sebastián

It is a city in Spain. Though it is a port city, it has never played a key role in trade for Spain. Royals come here to enjoy their summer. It has wonderful golden sand beaches and a glamorous curved bay.

  1. Rio de Janeiro

It is a city in Brazil. It boasts a famous and irresistible beach; the Copacabana beach and the Art Deco statue. It also has the sight of the vast beautiful ocean and the forested Parque Nacional da Tijuca. So it would be true to say that this Brazilian city has both, natural and man-made beauty.

  1. Kyoto

It is a city in Japan that has been the center of its culture for many centuries thus it has some beautiful places to visit that enhances the scenery of the place by highlighting its culture. Moreover, people can see the best of its traditional temples.

  1. Brisbane

It is a city in Australia that is also Queensland Australia’s largest city. It has eye catching  green spaces, modern architecture and the Brisbane river flowing through most of the city.

  1. Venice

It is a port city in Italy. Surely there is none other than this wonder. People often use boats as a mean of transport in the city since it is almost in the water. This extravagant lifestyle makes the city special and truly wonderful. Its romantic atmosphere and classic architecture attract many tourists.

  1. Prague

It is a city in the Czech Republic that boats one of the prettiest and most magnificent Castles in the world. Its traditional and historical sites are worth a visit.

  1. London

It is the capital of one of the most important and popular country of the world, England. This city is widely visited by many tourists. The city is home to many famous sites such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye.

  1. Edinburgh

It is a city in Scotland and has classic architecture, small colorful roads, mountains and a mesmerizing skyline.

  1. Paris

It is the capital of France. It is also a very popular city that is renowned for its romantic atmosphere, tasty food, and high-class fashion. It is also home to the Eiffel tower.

  1. Florence

It is a city in Italy that is heavily visited by many tourists each year.


It is the capital of Italy. It has 1000-year-old buildings, top class pizzas, and the Vatican City as well.