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Morning shows are spreading negativity, says Faysal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi has recently shared his view on the mushroom growth of Morning Shows in Pakistan and their effects on the society.

The model, actor and TV celebrity has always been different in his opinions while talking about anything condemnable.

Although he himself been hosting a morning show but that was without those usual tactics and cheap stunts used by many other morning shows on different channels.

Faisal Qureshi said “None of the morning shows in the world is showing what is seen on Pakistani morning shows. Getting people married in show, having joint dances, no discussion, cheap music and what not; is not what Pakistani morning shows are supposed to show”.

The kind of activities carried out during these morning shows are nontheless spreading negativity in the society and inculcating wrong concepts of morning shows in people’s minds.

The actor was also depressed by the kind of questions morning show hosts ask the guests. “one cannot easily understand the kind of punch the hosts want to have on the guest’s face”, he added.

“Nobody is going to own the celebrities of Pakistan if these morning shows hosts keep on doing this rubbish stuff”, he said angrily.

Faisal added at the last that he is too busy to continue with his show because of his schedule of dramas and productions. “I am planning soon to come back with a show where I will prove my own style and will show what real morning shows are meant to be”, he added.

Credits: Reviewit