Monopoly is Over: Media Logic’s Operations Suspended

Era of the rating-sham is over!

Salman Danish the founding Chief Executive Officer of Media Logic, has been served with the contempt notice by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and his company has also been suspended. Danish is directed to present before the court in the upcoming hearing in person.

The control of Media Logic was so deep and profound that no other company in the profession of media rating and research could grow in the past one decade. With this suspension order, from now onward, there shall not be any monopoly of one company over the rest. And allegedly huge kickbacks from media houses shall no longer work in favor of the few sacred cows over the others.

PEMRA is further directed by the Cheif Justice of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Saqib Nisar, to get rid of the monopoly of the Media Logic so that a fair rating system could be evolved. A deadline of one month has been given to PEMRA to develop such a system. According to the apex court, 6 other companies must be directed by PEMRA to come up with the rating of media houses so that Media Logic’s analysis and results could be compared and contrasted.

BOL TV is also directed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to provide the ratings within one week. In another important twist of events, according to Jam Asif, lawyer of the Pakistan Broadcast Association (PBA), BOL TV does not have PEMRA license. It is in addition to the many controversies BOL TV has been part of lately.

Media Logic was established in 2007 with some investors and the international market research organization Growth From Knowledge (GFK). It stood for more than 10 years as Pakistan’s first and only media rating company to this date hence creating a monopoly.

Media Logic started its operations in September 2007 from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad and gradually expanded, first to 9 cities, and, as of today, was catering to 20 cities.

The company carried out faulty and, to a great extent, “fake” sampling methods to asses the ratings of a program and of different TV channels.

Significant to note here that apart from Media Logic, Danish launched two other media companies; Opti Media in 2009 and Active Media in 2011, largely focusing on the outdoor advertisements, events, and activations with multinational companies operating in Pakistan like Unilever, Nestle, Mobilink, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola et cetera. But Danish’s primary focus has always been on the Media Logic. Rest of the two companies were taken care of by his partners.

What is important to note here is that Salman Danish was actively involved with the leading advertisers of Pakistan as well. Hence his analysis of a media house and of a program could never be trusted. The transparency factor of its research and analysis has always been fallacious in addition to the faulty and shady methods with which it operated in terms of research and analysis.

The facade of media rating was first exposed by the leading anchorperson of Pakistan, Mubasher Lucman.In 2014, Lucman was first and, to this date, the only anchorperson who challenged the ratings of his own program despite being rated at the top. He was doing his signature program, Khara Such, at ARY when he first exposed the rating sham.

Mubashir Lucman challenges rating of his own program ‘Khara Sach’