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Momal Sheikh’s debut Bollywood film ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ fails to release in Pakistan due to CBFC!

After a smooth sail through promotions and pre-hype in Pakistan, the destiny of Momal Sheik’s Bollywood debut ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ now remains in a precarious situation.

Having not got an approval from Pakistani blue pencils so far, the film did not discharge in the nation on its booked discharge date of Friday.

The film was submitted to the particular censor boards for affirmation a week ago. While a boycott has not yet been slapped on the film up ’til now, the ball is no more in the court of commonplace control sheets.

The Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) couldn’t touch base at a consistent choice over the destiny of the film because of contrasts between board individuals. To deal with the disarray, according to the standard procedures, a full board survey was called.

“The full board had affirmed the film for open review with a 8:1 proportion for the film,” CBFC Chairperson Mobashir Hasan told.

While the film was set to debut, the federal information ministry chose to survey the accreditation notes of the film.

“Under the Motion Pictures Ordinance of 1979 and Censorship of Film Rules Act of 1980, the information ministry has the right to review the board’s decision,” explained the CBFC chairperson.

The service issued a letter to the CBFC, asking for the required subtle elements on Wednesday and the CBFC submitted them to the service on Friday. “Presently the service will choose the destiny of the film and not CBFC.”

Amjad Rasheed, leader of the film’s dispersion organization Distribution Club (beforehand known as IMGC Entertainment), was similarly confounded about the destiny of the motion picture.

“You have to call the CBFC and get some information about the deferral. Indeed, even I have no idea about my film’s discharge.”

An authority of the Punjab Board of Film Certification told that their board had no issues with the film. “We had inspected the film and thought that it was reasonable for open survey in Pakistan however we can’t issue an endorsement on the grounds that evidently the central government has a couple of complaints with it,” he said, asking for obscurity. Nobody from the Sindh Board of Film Certification was accessible for input on the matter.

CBFC is no more the consistent body that chooses the destiny of movies in Pakistan. Taking after the eighteenth Amendment, all territories should have film discharges guaranteed on the commonplace level.

This is the reason CBFC’s power is confined just to Islamabad Capital Territory and the silver screens that fall under cantonments. With the issues Happy Bhag Jayegi is confronting, combined with the late boycott of Maalik, a central issue mark holds tight the actual role of the CBFC in Pakistan.