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Modi’s love for Hindu extremists would demolish India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known as firebrand Hindu leader who always keep focused on suppressing Indian Muslims by any possible mean. Though this time he also appeared as the one who focused on secular goals of development and growth however he still adopted the policy to appraise and make core Hindu extremists happy.

Though Modi this time did not apparently talk in the favor of violence against Muslim minority of Indian but his steps unveiled his face, the most recent step is the appointment of Yogi Adityanath, the notorious Hindu cleric, as the chief minister of India’s largest state Uttar Pardesh. The move is not much shocking, as one could not expect less than it from those who historically earned name for their hatred and observing oppression against Muslims.  But the step is saddened and it again alarmed that the ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, wished to transform the world’s largest secular state into Hindu State.

This was the just demo given by the party’s leadership before the Indian elections 2019.

Yogi Adityanath is another name of Hindu extremism, violence against Muslims, his name sounds alarm for the Indian minority. He is the one who supported vulgar ideas such as “love Jihad.” His speech was also gone viral on the internet in which he asked each Hindu to marry 100 Muslim women and convert them to Hinduism.

He openly stated that he would turn India into “Hindu rashtra,” the Hindu state. Adityanath is the one who asked Bollywod superstar Shah Rukh Khan to get out of India and move Pakistan.

Yogi Adityanath is also in the favor of those who killed Muslim man on the suspicion that his family was eating the “gaumata meat.”

Sadly, such man became the main leader of the state where more than 200 million people live. The land which needs lot of development work, where health and education facilities are needed. Would this man show some development work, whether he would lessen the infant mortality rate? Could his governance would provide employment opportunities to the youth?  Or he would just increase the hatred against Muslim minority. These are the questions which shattered the minorities keeping his previous record in mind.

Though Adithyanath stated: “My government will be for everyone, not specifically for any caste or community,” and promising to make Uttar Pradesh “the dreamland” of Mr. Modi’s development model.

But here the question still persists on Modi’s development structure; no one can forget his cruelty observed against Muslims. Gujrat riots and Modi’s role could not be forgotten. Not just this, the government led-by Modi could not delivered much, jobs are the most important need of the youth but Narendra Modi remained failed to provide jobs.

In such poor circumstances, the fear exists that Modi and his party, especially the CM UP will start deadly war against Indian minorities which will threaten the law and order situation in the country. The situation will even lower the development work which would suffered by all irrespective of minority and majority.