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MoD: RAF strikes in Syria & Iraq Killed 996 IS Members

Nearly 1,000 members of the IS  group are killed in RAF air strikes in Iraq & Syria within the last eighteen months, suggest the figures.

In response to a freedom of data request, the Ministry of Defence estimated 974 “enemy combatants” had died since the united kingdom bombing campaign started in Iraq in Sep 2014.

A further twenty two had been exterminated in Syria since air strikes began in Dec last year, it estimated.

The MoD (Ministry of Defense) said that no civilians had died.

The figures cover the period from Sep 2014 to March 2016 and were released in response to a call for participation made by Vice News.

The MoD had said that they were estimates based on “post-strike analysis” because the united kingdom was unable to go to sites to verify the numbers dead.

Referring to IS by the Arabic acronym of Daesh, the MoD had said that the strikes were a part of a wider coalition operation to target command and management sites, military instrumentality and revenue streams like oil infrastructure.

It said the United Kingdom took all steps necessary to minimize civilian causalities.

There were ninety eight IS fighters wounded, the figures indicated.

Parliament approved British participation in air strikes against IS targets in Iraq in Sep 2014.

MPs went on to back action against IS in Syria in Dec 2015. While sixty six Labour MPs helped the govt secure a bigger than expected Commons majority, the growth of attacks was opposed by party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In answer to a Parliamentary question last Sep, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said concerning 330 fighters were estimated to have been killed within the 1st year of RAF strikes in Iraq.

The recent facts recommend that 318 IS fighters are killed within the 1st 3 months of this year in each Iraq and Syria, compared with ninety two in the same period last year.

Last week, the MoD released the details of a series of strikes between nineteen and twenty four April in northern and western Iraq and Syria.

It said that a mission on twenty one April saw the primary use against IS of the improved Paveway III guided bomb, that had been control in reserve for “particularly challenging underground or hardened targets”, on a fancy of tunnels and bunkers.

The following day, Reaper drones destroyed an improvised weapons factory and workshop used for constructing automobile bombs in Syria, said the Ministry.