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MNAs to vote on military courts amendment bill

Islamabad: The National Assembly will continue debate on the 28th constitutional amendment bill for the revival of military courts for a period of two years.

After concluding debate, members of lower house will hold voting on the amendment bill on Tuesday.

The session of National Assembly will begin on 4:00 pm.

The 28th constitutional amendment bill and the Pakistan Army Amendment bill were presented on table on Monday. The bills were strongly opposed by two parliamentarians Mehmood Khan Achakzai of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and Jamshed Dasti, a parliamentarian from Muzaffargarrh.

The voting on the bills would be held today, which requires two-third majority to get passed.

Most of the opposition, though, agreed on voting for the extension of military courts. However, they still criticized government over the bill and said that it did nothing for strengthening civil courts neither even provided security to judges.

PPP’s Naveed Qamar vehemently opposed the extension in military courts saying: “It is shameful day in the democratic and parliamentary history of Pakistan.”

The clauses included in the amendment bill are exercise of law of evidence. Accused will also have right to hire lawyer of his/her own choice. As per the bill, suspects will be presented before the military courts within 24 hours of their arrest and would be informed about charges against them.