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ML Films Will Host Iran Film Festival In Lahore

Culture, Arts and Film production has no limits. Boundaries for arts and projection of films are yet open again. 2nd time in a row, Mubasher Lucman Films (MLF) is going to host the Iran film festival in Royal Palm in collaboration with the Cultural Centre of Iran Lahore.

The event will be kicked off from 13th 14th and 15th of Feb 2018 in Royal Palm cinema screens. The Iranian Director General for Culture in Pakistan will formally inaugurate the film festival.

The main sponsor of this event is Mubasher Lucman Films and web sponsor will be

Renowned filmmakers will travel from Iran at the invitation of ML films. Additionally, Pakistan Film Producers Association will honour them with special awards and dinner.

Royal Palm has opened its screens for the 2nd time with the collaboration of ML films to public the Iranian films in Pakistan. CEO Royal Palm and Golf Club “Mr Ramzan’s” hard work and without his support, the film festival was not possible. He welcomed the artist across the border to the public their films in Royal Palm under the banner of Mubasher Lucman Films.

Mubasher Lucman Films is sending 2 executives this year to Iran for training and understanding their cinema that has so progressed over the years internationally.


Iranian cinema is vibrant, creative, innovative and at the same time critical, earning it a niche in the world’s cinema industry.

Its cinematography and unique film directing style that promotes originality so the viewers feel connected with the story as his/her own instead of objectifying and commercializing certain elements of the society.

Pakistan is lucky in a sense that it not only shares borders with Iran but a cultural and religious bond as well, this provides an opportunity to the former to learn from the Iranian filmmakers for reviving its own struggling film industry.