Missing Malaysian flight MH370 found on Mozambique sandbank

Malaysian aircraft Investigators searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are looking at photographs of debris that has washed up in Mozambique.

An object that could be from a Boeing 777 was found on a sandbank off the eastern African country days ahead of the second anniversary of the jet’s disappearance in March 2014.

The flight disappeared on 8 March with 239 people on board en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Photographs of the debris have now been seen by investigators in Malaysia, Australia and the US and say there is a good chance it comes from a Boeing 777, according to NBC News.

It has also been found in the same part of the southern Indian Ocean where the only other confirmed piece of debris from the flight, a flaperon, was found on Reunion Island in July 2015. “NO STEP” is written on the object, which makes it likely it is from the plane’s wing-like parts attached to the tail that are called horizontal stabilisers.