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Microsoft sues U.S. government over requesting for data

U.S government has been facing a number of lawsuits over the data privacy issue. Recently, just when Apple has been seemed wrapping up the legal battle with the government, Microsoft has now sued U.S. government on the demand of data access.

U.S. government has been sued on the wish to be permitted to let their customers and users know when the feds are looking into their email as well as other accounts. Microsoft submitted the lawsuit in the West District of Washington which argues that federal government is violating a Constitution by taking its customers’ personal data and not permitting Microsoft to notify the customers.

Microsoft also emerged in the support of Apple during its legal battle over the similar issue when the investigation bureau demanded the company to give access of their particular customers, reportedly known as the family of alleged man involved in California shooting however, now is seen determined to save the data privacy by launching the latest suit against the U.S. government.

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