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Michigan’s Attorney Charged 3 Officials for Flint Water Crisis

Michigan’s attorney general is charging 3 state & city officials with the crimes for their participation in Flint water contamination crisis, where the citizens were exposed to the dangerously high lead levels.

Michael Prysby and Steven Busch oversaw the water issues for Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, whereas Michael Glasgow was utilities administrator for city of Flint. Charges against the Glasgow stem from his management of the drinking water test results showing the city’s water safer than it actually was. Busch & Prysby are charged with the misconduct in office & the conspiracy to meddle with the evidence.

State officials are indicted of misleading federal Environmental Protection Agency about how the Flint treated its water.

The charges shadow an investigation by General Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney.

Flint’s water 1st became toxic after the city that is under control of an emergency manager who is appointed by Michigan’s Rick Snyder began using Flint River as water source in April, 2 years ago. City’s utility & its state administrators had failed to certify that the water was treated to avert it from discharge lead from city’s pipes.

Despite the insistent complaints, city & state officials refused that there was anything wrong with water until last fall, when the research revealed lead levels rose dramatically in the Flint children after switching the switch. State acknowledged that it’d made a dreadful mistake & switched Flint back to Detroit’s water in Oct.

Glasgow, & attorneys for Prysby and Busch didn’t immediately respond to appeals for remarks. The Emails that are released by Snyder’s office revealed that Glasgow had warned the state supervisors that the city was not ready to begin pumping the water from Flint River. “If water’s distributed from this plant in next couple weeks, it’ll be against my direction,” wrote Glasgow in an email in April 2014.

Representative Elijah Cummings, who is the top Democrat on U.S. House of Representatives committee that examined the Flint water crisis, had praised the charges, however suggested that they still fall short.

‘’Criminal charges against the MDEQ officials are 1 step towards justice for families of Flint who were poisoned as a result of actions of Governor Snyder’s administration,” said Cummings. “The people of Flint deserve the accountability for actions of Governor Snyder & his officials that caused this crisis.”