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Michigan Gov. Pledges to Drink Flint Water for a Month to Ascertain it is Safe

Rick Snyder, the Michigan Governor is drinking the filtered water from Flint homeowner’s tap to demonstrate the Flint residents that he is willing to have a taste of crisis that his Govt. had caused in beleaguered city.

“Flint residents made it clear that they’d like to see me personally drink the water, so today I’m fulfilling that request,” said Snyder in Monday’s press release. “And I’ll continue drinking Flint water at work & at home for 30 days.”

6 months after Govt. had told Flint inhabitants to not to drink the water, testing by autonomous experts and Govt. revealing that Flint’s water is still unsafe if it is not filtered.

The High levels of lead in the have poisoned city’s water since 2014, when city started pumping its water from Flint River rather than buying it from Detroit. Snyder’s Govt. had told Flint to not to treat water to prevent it from leaking lead out of city’s pipes.

Gov. Snyder is drinking the water from a home with the lead levels exceeding the federal standards, said his office. The home’s kitchen tap has a screen that is certified to remove the lead, however the homeowner is still concerned that whether it’s safe to drink.

By posing for the photos while drinking it, Rick Snyder is hopeful to put to rest those concerns.

“I completely understand that why some Flint residents are hesitant to drink water and I’m hopeful I can alleviate some of skepticism & mistrust by putting words to action,” said Snyder in a release.

He is also trying to get the Flint residents to use more tap water to aid speeding up the progress of city’s water infrastructure. Despite their extensive use across country, lead pipes are never completely safe for drinking water.

Snyder had sworn to drink the Flint water at home and at work in Ann Arbor & to refill the jugs each week whenever he visits Flint. The gesture remembers former Flint Mayor Dayne Walling’s infamous toast when city changed its water sources in 2014.