Micheal’s and Kyle’s tour to Pakistan

The road out of Chukyatan Dir was muddy from the pouring rain the night before. They had been waiting to take that day’s roads for a year now.

He said that the level of excitement they had can’t be put into words.

Micheal said he had traveled through these roads on a 1962 Vespa Scooter, and wasn’t permitted to go over the Lowari Top, and instead had to take the boring tunnel, they were told if they can spot the tunnel in the pictures. This time, they were on better bikes, and were all hyped about the Pass.

He says his words can’t paint the perfect picture and will never do the scenery any justice; it’s definitely something that cannot be described. One just has to live this experience himself. Lowari pass is a mixture of Grimpsel, Furka, Susten, Stelvio and Gavia pass. Remove the blacktop from these passes and you get Lowari Top (Pass). He said he has ridden through them all, and anyone who rides through Lowari Pass will definitely agree with him.

The wind howled on top of the pass, reminding him of a week spent in Chicago once upon a December, he says. Standing up straight was nearly impossible, the wind threatened to blow you away.

They finally reached plain land just in time for lunch. As if the day wasn’t already perfect enough, they found out that a hotel right off the Pass was serving some amazing “Massh ki daal”.

After filling their stomachs, they got back on their Piaggios and started riding towards the next destination and that’s when Michael said he was low on benzene and that his bike would die any second. They stopped at a few gas stations and they were all out, when they finally met a very interesting character, and had chit chat with him.

The roads were so bad, so, that one start muttering under one’s own breath promising the self that you would never return to this road ever again. Then, Kaalash appears and one can easily take back the promises.

The men were bearded with the biggest smiles upon their faces turned towards them. The women were in traditional clothes, reminding them that Pakistan holds so many different cultures. The kids shied away, peering curiously behind homes at their modes of transportation.

They ended up the evening dining next to a river. Unfortunately, Kyle and Michael fell sick with stomach pains in Kalaash. A doctor was called upon, and came to their hotel within 10 minutes. They were both diagnosed with food poisoning and dehydration. The doctor advised Kyle to get an infusion for his severe dehydration and both were prescribed some meds.

They have no idea how this happened to them since they were all eating the same foods and drank the same water and their stomachs was never famous for being strong.

Their second night in Kalaash was to pray that the medicine would work fast and their health and spirit would return soon. Their recovery was crucial for them to continue the journey the next morning with the same zeal they had on the first day.