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Riot breaks out in Mexican prison

On Tuesday, a riot broke out in a prison of Mexican city, Victoria. The riot was between two drug gangs. It is said that the tension between the members of the gangs was rising as small scuffles broke out repeatedly.

The spokesperson, Luis Alberto Rodrigues said: “Those numbers are preliminary because the operation continues, there are still state police inside the prison inspecting the dormitories.”

When the riot broke out and the news spread, helicopters were flying overhead and the concerned family members of the inmates gathered outside the prison.

The authorities feared that the rising tensions between the two gangs might lead to such an incident and they suspected that the inmates were smuggling in weapons. After carrying out a surprise inspection which led to the recovery of two high caliber weapons and one normal caliber firearm.

Authorities say that the intervention of state police in the prison helped in controlling the riot otherwise the casualties would be much higher.

Two state police officers were killed in the violence and one security guard injured.