Messi Completes His Hundred Goals in European League

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Many of us play football occasionally, but there are few who are born to play. Lionel Messi is the one who kicked football game to new heights of glory.

Messi is the person who controls ball like the ball seeks his permission before going out of the line, and one more quality which I should describe is that when he decides to score a goal, then it is next to impossible to snatch from him- even the whole opponent team is against him.

Nowadays, Messi is busy in making some new records, last night the star of Barcelona destroyed line- up of Chelsea. He handed Chelsea the royal punishment. He scored two goals and completed his hundred Champions League goals. Chelsea has now lost their hopes for quarter finals on Wednesday.

Messi is not only the star of last night, he conquered victory for his team not for the first time but he has long list of victories, that is why his fans chanted for him after unfurling a banner  ” God Save The King “. This all happened before kick-off and in the 10th second of third minute, Messi scored first  goal of the match by cutting 6 defenders with the ball at a time.

Dumbele cannot be ignored in the last match of Barcelona but It was the night of Lionel Messi. Dembele injured for four months has been unlucky for a long time but last night his star also shone so brightly. Dembele is Barcelona’s second-most expensive player. Last night, he was ready to steal the show.

Messi has become the second player to achieve milestone in Europe’s premier tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid has 117 goals in 152 games.

Here are ten greatest Messi Moments:

” He knows in certain moments the stars have to come out,” Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde said. ” We enjoy him. We are lucky enough to be seeing something that will go down in history.”

Chelsea Manager is much impressed with a performance of Messi but he called a pity to Dembele’s goal. ” I think that a fantastic player moved the final result.”

Conte accepted the results with open heart and left the field with his arm wrapped around, adding his best wishes to the winning team.

” I think when you have the opportunity to make great compliment to Messi, I think it’s right,” Conte added. ” It’s right to recognize a super, super, super top player.”  Conte showed righteous spirit of sportsman.

The final place in the Champions League quarterfinals belongs to Barcelona. Now the more suspense and thrill would be there to watch in Champions League as it had been always but it is really a very happy moment for Barcelona fans.