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Men rescued from deserted island by writing H-E-L-P with palm branches

For three days, three men stayed stuck on the deserted island, hoping for help. The team on-board a Navy plane spotted the men flapping life jackets, standing next to piles of palm leaves arranged to spell out four capital letters: H-E-L-P.

The Coast Guard was first notified that they were missing just before noon on Tuesday,

The Coast Guard 14th District covers an area of responsibility more than 12.2 million square miles of land and sea, an area almost twice the size of Russia,” Jennifer Conklin, search and rescue mission coordinator at the Coast Guard Command Center Honolulu, said in a statement. “Oftentimes, we are thousands of miles away from those who need help and because of that our partnerships with the Navy, other search and rescue organizations, partner Pacific nations and AMVER are essential.