In Memoriam: Junaid Jamshed Mosque Open to Public

By Atiya Riffat

The metropolis has opened to public the doors of a mosque built to commemorate the life of the late religious scholar Junaid Jamshed on Wednesday.

“The Junaid Jamshed Masjid’ has been inaugurated today at Singer Chowrangi, Korangi at J. Unit 2, Karachi. Such a beautiful mosque. It has been named in loving memory of our beloved and dearest JJ. Please do remember Junaid Bhai in your prayers,” actor Sanam Baloch said on Twitter.

JJ was the lead vocalist of popular Pakistani boy band Vital Signs. Famous for his philanthropy, everyone JJ crossed paths with only had praise for him. The vocalist was at the peak of his career when he turned to religion.

In one of his exclusive interview, the deceased evangelist opened up on what compelled him to do what he did. “When I saw Muslims the world over suffering in one form or another, it started to play on my mind,” he said.

“I started interacting with religious scholars busy finding ways of arresting the ummah‘s decline. The very thought that they were thinking about my family, the ummah and I was very noble.”

“Here, I was living in a very selfish world; all we did was think about ourselves and not care about anyone else. All that affected me,” he added.

The late religious scholar breathed his last on December 7, 2016 following a PIA Flight-661 plane crash en route from Islamabad to Chitral.His work continues to inspire myriads and his message of love and benevolence continues to prevail.