Memon Vines & CJP Discovers Wines in his Hospital Room

The party time in sub-jail is over.

The case

A National Accountability Bureau (NAB) court indicted Former Sindh information minister Sharjeel Memon in the Rs5.76 billion corruption case in the award of advertisements of the Sindh government’s awareness campaigns in the electronic media.

Along with Memon, eleven others accused in the corruption reference were arrested by NAB in October last year after a drama of a couple of hours in the courtroom.

Memon and other 13 accused persons, pleaded not guilty of the corruption charges in court. After that, his name was added in ECL for which he had to leave the country, and now this year (2018) in the wake of general elections he came back to Pakistan. On his entry, he was again arrested by the NAB officials.

He (Memon) said that “the former finance minister Ishaq Dar fled the country yet his name was not added to the ECL”. The then-interior minister, Chaudhary Nisar, added my name in the exit control list (ECL). He added while speaking to journalists in the court premises.

Instead of feeling ashamed of himself he attacked others and said, “the people like Nawaz Sharif and others appear in courts with VIP protocols. This dual standard should also be taken into notice by the chief justice.”

The other accused in the case include some high profile individuals which comprise bureaucrats, officials and members of private advertising agencies.

Memon claims the charges against him are politically motivated.

The court asked whether there was any point of reference that a denounced was allowed bail for the alleged health reasons when Memon’s attorney, Advocate Khalid Javed, asked for the Sindh High Court (SHC) to concede bail to his client on medical grounds.

But, finally, he was shifted to Ziauddin Hospital Jinnah Branch, and the room in which he was held was declared as a sub-jail. Memon had been under treatment and in judicial custody from then on.

According to the sources, Memon even in the supervision of police and judicial custodians used to spend his nights as a freeman with his friends and family. No one knows those escapes were either by dodging the authorities or with their alleged help.

Baaghi broke the news on 11 July 2018, that Memon used to escape the sub-jail, Ziauddin Hospital, during the nighttime as an ambulance driver. With that news, author, Maryam Iraj, prompted CJP to take an effective action keeping in view of the news broken. Had the news been noticed by the concerned officials, Memon would not have able to contest or win his seat from PS-63 (Hyderabad-II) on PPP ticket. Needless to emphasize the fact that he was in full swing for election campaign as an ambulance driver. 

Read the following for details and how Memon worked hard through the sub-jail:

Sharjeel Memon Transforms into an Ambulance Driver During the Night Time

CJP’s Surprise visit to Ziauddin hospital:

The chief justice made uninformed and surprising visits to three private hospitals and examined the rooms of political prisoners.

As he (CJP) entered the former Sindh information minister’s room which is on the sixth floor of Karachi’s Ziauddin Hospital, surprisingly there was no nurse or doctor present there.

“The chief justice examined Memon’s room for nearly three minutes and also asked about Memon’s health.” According to an eye-witness.

The court staff confiscated the bottles of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes which were also found from Memon’s room.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Mian Saqib Nisar, said that he’d found three bottles of ‘liquor’ in the hospital room.

“They are not mine,” said Sharjeel Memon when he was asked about the liquor.

The room was giving a look of a late-night party floor, but all this ended with CJP’s popup visit.

Welcome back to the jail, says the police.

The CJP addressed the attorney general, saying: “Anwar Mansoor Khan sahib, you should pay a little attention to this issue as well.”

After the CJP’s ‘raid,’ the Sindh chief secretary and DIG Prisons reportedly reached Ziauddin Hospital  to ‘record evidence’ and ‘take action.’

Police and hospital authorities scrambled to save face as after the discovery of ‘alcohol’ in Memon’s room, he was shifted to Karachi’s Central Jail after taking his blood samples.

“Alcohol bottles found from Memon’s room will be sent to the Lab and those bottles will be conducted for the test.” SSP Police Omar Shahid.

“If a facility is declared a sub-jail then its responsibility lies with the police. However, an inquiry will also be conducted against hospital administration,” SSP added.

“Three people one of them said to be driver and two servants were subsequently taken into custody”, DIG told DAWN NEWS.

SSP said “there will be an inquiry” and “action will be taken against those found responsible.” They had collected blood samples and also DVR from the hospital for investigating purpose. An FIR has been registered on the complaint of jail official against incarcerated Sharjeel Memon and his three servants.

For investigation goods have been recovered from the jail officials including two alcohol bottles, revealed the SSP South.

Muhammad Jam the so-called “driver” claimed that he works for someone else and only came here for two days. He further said that there was no alcohol in the bottles one of the bottles had held cooking oil, and the other had honey.

The whole situation is pretty funny and hilarious CJP raiding Sharjeel Memon’s room reminds one of the ways strict desi parents sometimes catch their kids doing some seriously funny stuff. 

And the statement from his driver is a new fun thing on social media and people are making fun and also creating memes on the hilarious statements by PPP leadership.

Bags of Cash also recovered from the “sub-jail.”

There is another twist in the tale one of the eyewitness reveals that besides liquor and a healthy Shrajeel Memon, four bags full of cash were also recovered from the room of Karachi hospital.

How much money was there inside the bags is not known to anyone and so is the question as what Memon was doing with such a large amount of cash inside the hospital room.

With no mention of cash, police took two people into custody over the discovery of liquor at the hospital.

Police confiscated bags of cash from the false ceiling of the room, while media is on the “alcohol” issue, recovered cash remains suspiciously missing.