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Memogate Scandal in Supreme Court

Hussain Haqqani, in an interview to a national daily, denies the reports with reference to Memogate Scandal called a “political gimmick” by the Supreme Court. Hussain Haqqani who served twice as an ambassador to both Srilanka and United State got involved into Memogate controversy or Mullen memo controversy (as dubbed by international media) revolved around a memorandum to admiral Mike Mullen supposedly seeking support from the Obama administration amidst the Osama bin Laden raid to prevent a military takeover of the civilian government in Pakistan.

An important figure of the Memo Scandal was Mansoor Ijaz who wrote a Financial Times article in October 2011 drawing initial public attention to the affair. Memo existence was completely denied initially but was later on not only  published in November 2011 but led to the resignation of Haqqani.

Scandal revolves around Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, Hussain Haqqani, Mike Mullen, and Obama administration. Ijaz was allegedly asked by Husain Haqqani to deliver a confidential memo seeking US assistance. It was allegedly drafted by Haqqani at the behest of his “boss”.

The unsigned missive besought American help against the Pakistan army, “offering to rein in the military and in particular its Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency, which has ties to the Taliban and other jihadist groups”, as The Guardian report.

Talking to the national daily today, Haqqani further added “I will not come to Pakistan on the insistence of babay rehmatay [wise, old man].”