Mega Corruption unveiled in airports privatization

Chahudry Manzoor Ahmad, member central executive committee of PPP has unveiled the corruption of Rs 721 Billion in the name of privatization of airports, he said that these airports are not being sold, instead Prime Minister’s family is buying them.

On Thursday, while addressing a press conference along with Shaukat Besra, he said that “PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto has decided to prepare white paper on the four years services of running government and its corruption scandals.

PPP would disclose all mega scandals of government by the next week and then all these scandals would be published in form of white paper.

Mr Manzoor was of the view that behind every buyer there is Prime Minister of Pakistan himself .

He also said that there is no logic to privatize such civil association which is earning 75 billion annually while the total cost of all of three airports land is more than four thousand million. “Prime Minister is not sacrificing this golden goose but he is taking it to his own home,” he added.

He stated that PPP supports the protest of Civil Association employs and PMLN Government has also planned to buy 36 more institutions by privatizing them.

Mr Chauhadry wondered that why Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef spent 73 billion on these airports to decorate them like a bride when he was willing to sale them?

He also presented the documents of mega corruption case in Civil Association.

He claimed that Prime Minster’s one of the relatives, has contract of Islamabad’s airport and this contract was about Rs 53 billion in 2013 and in 2016 it increased to Rs 87 billion?

He said PPP will raise this mega corruption scandal in Parliament and also they will write an open letter to Supreme Court of Pakistan.