Meesha Shafi Vs. Ali Zafar & #MeToo

In a serious legal war

It was April when Meesha Shafi-singer and actor, accused Ali Zafar-singer and film star, of sexual assault on social media under the influence #MeToo movement. Amidst the much hue and cry of #MeToo phenomenon, an outright denial ensued from Ali Zafar, ultimately leading both parties to court for further debate.

The following legal order is a recent development in this case of Meesha Shafi Vs. Ali Zafar:

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Meesha Shafi, Ali Zafar, and the Claims of Sexual Assault


#MeToo: Meesha Shafi Claiming to be Sexually Harassed by Ali Zafar But Ali Resolves to Take Meesha to Task by Taking Her to Court.