Meesha Shafi in Serious Trouble

Baaghi brings you the exclusive legal notice document

Ali Zafar’s legal team filed defamation law suit against Meera Shafi for her false allegations on tweeter.Now victory for Ali Zafar as court has given permanent stay against Meera Shafi until final decision of the case.The court has granted a status quo till further orders.

According to reports, Meesha Shafi has flown off to Canada even though she said in interview and on Twitter she was not going to Canada. Mr Ahmed Pansota, her Lawyer, said on tv she will stay in Pakistan and fight case, but she already is in Canada which proves her motivation of Canadian immigration.

The stay order means Meesha Shafi cannot make any defamatory statements on any media or in public until the final decision on case.But lots of fake profiles have been made on social media to further defame and damage Ali Zafar before the release of his film with abuse and social media harassment.

Also the case by Ali Zafar has disclosed that Meesha Shafi had already secretly tried to file a case with the Ombudsman’s office a few weeks ago which was rejected on the basis of its merit but this was kept a secret by her lawyers.

The important point is, according to Ali Zafar, it is a “motivated conspiracy” and apparently he has proof and evidence that Meesha Shafi is not alone in the scheme to bring down and destroy Ali Zafar before his film-Teefa in Trouble.The next date of court hearing is in July.