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“Media and Judiciary Are Free, What Else They Want ?”, Says Abbasi

Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has said that assemblies would not be dissolved even minutes before its mandated term. He once again reaffirmed that elections would be held on time .

Talking to journalists at the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday, the premier said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz-led government would stay in office till July 1 and elections would be held as per the schedule.

Referring to the ISPR director general’s press conference, the prime minister said that it was not the responsibility of armed forces to give any sort of guarantee about timely holding of elections , which in the later part of his (DG ISPR) statement he himself accepted that holding of elections was not in the purview of the armed forces but whatever task would be assigned to the institution under the constitution it would be complied with.

PM Abbasi once again spoke about the public scrutiny of credentials to appoint judges because a judge has to take vital decisions in cases of vital importance with far-reaching implications.

To a question about the independence of judiciary and media, he satirically responded that the media and the judiciary were not free adding that the judiciary had sent packing an elected prime minister while the media was free to criticize people for hours on channels “so what sort of independence they need”.

The premier said that the PML-N government was the only government that did not face any charge of corruption in its five-year tenure. “The government is functioning with full transparency and there is no stain on its credibility.”