Media and Journalistic Community Strongly Supports Mubasher Lucman

To expose the corrupt police mafia!

Media organizations and journalistic community are enraged over a recent press-release of Punjab Police, which maligns the image of Mubasher Lucman. They will soon launch a mass protest against the intimidating press release issued by police department holding Mubasher Lucman, country’s leading anchorperson, responsible to disseminate false information and leveling allegations against SP Operations, Sadar Division, Maaz Zafar.

Lucman’s signature program, Khara Sach, is synonymous with top-notch investigative journalism. And he believes in uttering the unadulterated truth without mincing words.

In reaction to the press release issued by the police department, President of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Rana Mohammad Azim, Secretary-General, GM Jamali, President of Lahore Press Club, Mr. Abdul Majeed Sajjad, President of Punjab Union of Journalists, Shahzad Hussain Butt, General Secretary Ashraf Mujeed, President Asif Butt, and General Secretary Salim Sheikh not only condemned the press releases in strongest possible terms, issued by the police, but also confirmed that Mubasher Lucman is a journalist of immense credibility and repute. And, in his fight against corruption, he is not alone. Entire journalistic community and media support him in this noble cause.

Press-release by the police department concocts that the background of his (Mubasher Lucman) animosity is embedded in the fact that on 02-07-2018, an FIR was registered, against his four gunmen for the display of arms, in the Township Police station, which falls under the Sadar division, hence comes under the jurisdiction of SP Maaz Zafar.

According to the press release of police, it reserves the right to exercise the legal options in self-defense as they believe all police officers are “not corrupt” at all. Not only this, it further invoked the respective journalistic institutions and media community to resist such journalistic practices.

But to their disappointment, the journalistic community is strongly in support of Mubasher Lucman and they have already given a rebuttal to those who doubt the integrity of this man by boycotting the Assembly session today.

For the press release, read the following:

سماء نیوز کے اینکر پرسن مبشر لقمان کی جانب سے لاہور پولیس پر لگائے گئے الزامات بے بنیاد ہیں۔ترجمان لاہور پولیس