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McCabe, Deputy Director FBI, Steps Down Early

The reeking smell of corruption and forced silence is almost synonymous with Trump’s administration, and in the midst of this odor, Andrew G. McCabe, Deputy Director FBI, steps down an hour ago. Heads are rolling.

He was due to resign in March 2018 but hastened his resignation. According to sources, he is a man of character and will not be an ideal crony for Trump. McCabe, after serving briefly as acting director last year following Comey’s termination by Trump, primarily told the Washington Post late last year that he would be retiring in the coming months as Congressional Republicans criticized him for his pro-Clinton bias. It is worth-mentioning here that McCabe’s wife even protected campaign funding from Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe—an information which, to begin with, he failed to disclose.

Worth-mentioning here that McCabe had spent several long-drawn-out sessions responding to the questions from congressional committees in closed sessions around the time of the reports of his imminent retirement.

Though it was expected that McCabe would drag the time in office until early March, to be fully eligible for his full pension, it is not very clear why he had chosen to step down early.

Trump tweeted for McCabe:

You can also check the live streaming right now from the White-house in the following link on the departure of deputy Director FBI: