Mawra Hocaine gets candid about her personal and professional life

The Pakistani starlet, Mawra Hocaine who is all set to make her Bollywood debut with “Sanam Teri Kasam” gets candid about her personal life.

In the three and a half minute video titled: Black & White with Mawra Hocane, the actor, who will be sharing screen space with Indian actor Harshvardhan Rane, revealed everything from her wish list to her idea of one night stand.

The official trailer for Mawra Hocane’s debut Bollywood film,Sanam Teri Kasam, is out and it has left us in awe.

Showcasing different avatars, Mawra portrays the role of a girl who “no one wants to love” whereas Harshvardhan Rane plays the role of a guy who “doesn’t want to love anyone”.

In an interview she said that she wants to win all the debutante awards this year and she is working hard for it.

She earned her first pay cheque at 13, and shopped all 8000 rupees away. It was heaven, she said.

She’s quite smitten with the Harsh fellow. The best compliment that she’s ever received is when Harsh calls her ‘princess’.

When asked about the 3 smartest people she knows, Mawra listed, 3 of the hottest, the list went like, Christiano Ronaldo, Ranbir Kapoor and Harsh.

Mawra says she has no fears. There’s nothing in the world that she can’t face, she says.

She’s quite the basic girl. Her favorite indulgences include eating a full chocolate fudge cake all by her, getting her nails done and anything else that makes her happy.

It’s no secret that local TV darling Mawra Hocane feels right at home in India. She’s been in and out of Mumbai in the last few months and happily catalogs her travels on social media.

Earlier, a picture from a photo shoot appeared online that saw her depart from her usual girl next door look. The photo, which features Mawra in a racy red shirt, only served to grab interest in Mawra’s Bollywood adventures, spurring both positive and negative criticism.

Earlier, In response to Saif Ali Khan saying he doesn’t “have faith in Pakistan” after his upcoming film Phantom (based on the 2006 Mumbai attacks) was banned by a Pakistani court, Faisal Qureshi set up a video camera, popped on a microphone and proceeded to raise a criticism.

In response to the rouse Phantom had caused, actress Mawra Hocane took to Twitter and said of the film, if it’s anti terrorism, then yes she is anti terrorism, it doesn’t matter which land one belongs to. She said she is pro humanity and love and that’s all. She followed this statement up by sayng that she would like to watch Phantom and then decide whether it’s good or bad, and that’s exactly what everyone should do.

Mawra’s opinions are incredibly measured, urging restraint rather than knee jerk patriotism. But actor Shaan Shahid didn’t see it this way. He kick started a campaign to #BanMawra, asking “Should we ban actress like Mawra who is supporting anti Pakistan movie?”

The amount of vitriol was truly shocking, and all the anger ever felt towards Saif Ali Khan or Phantom appeared to be suddenly projected upon Mawra.