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Mars reviews a few Chocolates because of likely Salmonella presence

Worldwide confectionery giant Mars has affirmed that it is reviewing some of its most prominent chocolate items, referring to the danger of Salmonella.

About Salmonella:

Salmonella is a genus of rod-shaped Gram-negative bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae family. The two species of Salmonella are Salmonella enteric and Salmonella Bon Gori. Salmonella infection, or salmonellosis, is a bacterial disease of the intestinal tract. A Salmonella is a group of bacteria that causes typhoid fever, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, enteric fever and other illnesses. People become infected mostly through contaminated water or foods, especially meat, poultry and eggs.

Confectioner Mars Inc:

Confectioner Mars Inc, the proprietor of the Mars and M&M brands, said on Friday that it had deliberately reviewed a few items sold under the Galaxy mark in the UK and Ireland as it identified the possible presence of Salmonella in the ingredients.

The British and Irish units of Mars said that,

“The items, including the Galaxy Minstrels and Galaxy Counters bars, with a best-before date going between May 6, 2018, and May 13, 2018, were reviewed as a careful step.”

The company also said in a statement,

“Although we’ve had no related complaints, as a precaution we have made the decision to voluntarily recall the products potentially affected by this issue in order to ensure the safety and confidence of our consumers.”

The organisation, which makes the Mars Bars that Harry Potter intended to purchase on his initially trip on board the Hogwarts Express, said it ran over the issue amid a standard testing process.

A spokesperson said that,

“Mars was working closely with the relevant food safety authorities as well as its customers to ensure that the affected products are no longer available for purchase.”

The spokesperson added that,

“No other brands or varieties of chocolate, pack formats, bar sizes or best-before dates are affected.”