Marriage, A blessing for those who cherish it.

Marriage is a special bond between a man and a woman that is extremely strong yet so week that it can be broken with a mere three words. Which is why, in Islam, marriage is considered a very important relationship and in fact is considered the basis of an Islamic community. This is why divorce is allowed in Islam, but not preferred. Islam prefers reconciliation over divorce.  Many marriages have been broken up because of no proper chance of reconciliation. When a man and woman get married, instead of giving them space, the community at large, particularly the relatives of the both sides consider it their duty to give advice as well as uninvited intervene in issues that do not concern them.

The point is this is not the kind of relationship that a father and son, mother and daughter, brother and sister have, in fact it is based on love and a totally new affiliation between two people who start to live together in the middle of their lives and hence they need to be given space to adjust and get to know each other. In a parent-child relationship, the child has seen his parents since birth and for a parent; their child is the most precious gift from God.

Now more than ever is a new scenario regarding marriages? The younger generation getting married today is usually the third or fourth generation after partition. Now the new generation prefers love marriages over arranged marriages, because this way they get to choose who they want to live with for the rest of their lives and in an arranged marriage, the parents self-impose a partner who they might like or not like. Love marriage itself is not a bad idea; love marriage can be beneficial to the extent that at least two people who are comfortable with each other and understand each other can live together for the rest of their lives. However the issue is when two people who know each other to well, in the long run do not want to stay together, because of knowing each other’s weakness and strengths can at times make the two partners jealous, although marriage is not about jealousy it is about compatibility with maximum love between the two. Arrange marriage on the other has its own benefits, parents have a say in which the girl is and what is important in an arranged marriage is that when parents are involved, the relationship is kept in perspective. When a man is to wed a woman, the most important thing to understand and see is whether both belong to the same social status or not. Even though it may seem trivial at the moment but it is extremely important. It is this very status that brings relationships to an end. The social status point is necessary because if either one is not of the same status the other will have an inferiority complex which in turn will cause friction between the couple causing problems. In love marriages, when in love the couple forget to look into this and eventually have troubles. Everything is fair in love but when practical life begins, that is when the trouble starts.

All in all I believe marriage is an important step that everyone needs to take and keep in consideration that marriage is no child’s play and should keep in mind the responsibility that comes with it.