Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook and Expected President of USA, Finds Stagecraft to Look Taller

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

It is a common talk that you have to be a tricky person and a wicked one to sell your product otherwise no one will believe you. Ok ! to some extent I believe that but in doing you don’t have to hide your identity and wrapping it in beautiful foil paper to tell the world a different story of your character. In simple words, don’t fake it to make it.

One of the founding members of Facebook ( Mark Zuckerberg ) is not that much taller as he is shown on screen. According to the Google and Maria Bustillos (editor of, height of Zuckerberg is five foot and seven inches, and it is next to impossible to find a single photograph without a stagecraft on internet of him.

The reason is told by the media is that Zuckerberg is the chief executive of the world’s most reputed companies and could be a future president of America so it is important for him to look taller. It seems like if you want to be an entrepreneur of a multimillion dollars company or somewhere you have desire to become president of U.S.A then you need to have a taller look as a prerequisite.

Few days ago, I was watching a motivational lecture of Peter Dinklage the highest paid actor of GOT ( Game of Thrones ) ” Don’t wait until they tell you, you are ready. I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail, Please! Don’t even bother asking! don’t bother telling the world you are ready, show it… Do it.. The World is yours” he has taught us message “wear your flaws as a badge of honour “. There are several different personalities who have earned name even with their unique personalities.  we can have a better example of Malcolm Marchal.

They say taller people tend to win elections then what about Sir Winston Churchill? A person never becomes rich with his wealth, he becomes by spreading it, by sharing it. It is the character of a man which makes him tall and rise above the situation. Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the idea of his website ( I just had a thought ) so thieves never have confidence to stand on their own feet. They are never tall enough in their conscience to face the world.