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Many missing after avalanche hits hotel in Italy

Rome: As many as 30 people are feared dead who have been missing after an avalanche hit a hotel in central Italy, the sources revealed on Thursday.

According to the sources, the avalanche is caused by an earthquake.

The rescue teams battled to reach the site but it took them a night to get there because the avalanche had blocked the roads in.

The rescue teams pulled one person dead from the snow and two others found alive but they are saying that the people who buried under the hotel were feared dead.

It is pertinent to mention here that an official of the rescue teams have reported that there are ‘many dead’ in the hotel.

It is noteworthy here that the mountainous area of the Italy had been hit by four earthquakes on Wednesday.

At many as 20 tourists and seven staffers of the hotel were inside it when roof of the hotel collapsed on Wednesday night, the rescuers claimed.

Moreover, there had been calls to search for survivors but there was no response.

The first survivor was pulled from inside the hotel damage at (08:30 GMT) who said that there were children among the guests. While the local media reporting that the children were among the dead.

In addition to, the local media reported that some of the guests had been able to send text messages which they received as:  “Help, we’re dying of cold,” Ansa quoted one couple as saying.

Meanwhile, another survivor found alive outside the damaged building, who said he had gone to take something from his car when incident took place.

“I was covered by the snow but I managed to get out. The car was not submerged and I waited for the rescuers to arrive,” he said, quoted by Ansa news agency.