Man puts private Airport on sale & you can Own it

Owning an air airport can be a decent approach to stay away from delays and long queues of hustling life of the cities.

According to The Independent, an airport with a landing strip, two aircraft hangers, and a house is for sale in Sweden and you can own it. This is the best opportunity to avoid delays and long lines at an airport.Kjell Brattfors, 72, owns the property. Due to his old age, he plans to sell that property.

“There was nothing there when I bought it. I flew over the land with a friend one summer and thought that it would be a really nice place for a landing strip. So I contacted the owner, bought the land, then built a house and a 3-km landing strip. I didn’t build it to be an airport, I built it for me and my son, to begin with. I’m a bit older now so I thought it was time to move it on,” said Brattsfors.

Kattleberg Airport – which is technically classified as a private airstrip – is on sale for 20 million kronor. He has a few strict conditions on who he wants to sell it to.

“Finding someone to buy it isn’t difficult, but I want it to be bought by someone who will continue its legacy. I don’t want it to be destroyed and something else built on it. It’s a fantastic place,” he said.

He added, “There aren’t so many people who have met my requirements. The estate agency has become a little bit tired of me maybe. I’ve said no to flying schools, flying clubs, things like that. I hope it goes to someone who wants to live there and fly a bit. That’s my dream scenario.”