Man in Sahiwal kills two sisters in name of ‘honour killing’

LAHORE: Police in Sahiwal are finding a man who shot dead both his sisters in name of “honour killing”.

According to the police, Mohammad Asif had earlier killed his mother four or five years ago before being forgiven at the while by his family and set at liberty.

The most recent murders happened in the village of Noorshah in Sahiwal district, in the central province of Punjab.

Mohammad Asif, who is in his late twenties, shot his two sisters late last night because he doubted their characters and was against their lifestyle, local police official Allah Ditta Bhatti told AFP.

He stated that the sisters died on the scene whereas Asif escaped.

He had killed his mother around four or five years ago and was set free after his family pardoned him, Bhatti said.

The event was confirmed by other officials at the local police station.

Earlier, on Monday, a father in Lahore shot dead his 18-year-old daughter since she could not explain for where she had been for about five hours.

The events come as Pakistan celebrates its second Oscar win, consideration of filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy whose documentary founded on the monstrous crime won the significant award.

“A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” is a film stating the story of a rare fighter of such assassinations. Sharmeen won the Academy Award for best documentary short at the star-studded Hollywood.

Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lately, turning a worldwide attention on honour killings in the country.

Hundreds of women are killed by their families in Pakistan to each year on the cause of shielding family “honour”.

Pakistan modified its criminal code in 2005 to stop men who kill female relative’s fugitive sentence by forgiving themselves as an “heir” of the victim.

But it was left to a judge’s preference to choose whether to enforce a jail sentence when other relatives of the victim forgive the killer — a gap which critics say remains exploited.

Sharif last month swore to eliminate the “evil” of honour killings in Pakistan