Man Commits Suicide, Losing Bet on Pak. VS Ban. Match

Our love for Pakistan and Pakistani cricket team is immense. Nationalism before rationalism, we say. Cricket matches (especially when Pakistani is involved) have always been a source of excitement for Pakistanis. For Pakistanis, Pakistan and everything that is related to Pakistan is our honour, but it is saddening that some people take it a bit too extreme, that leaves us surprised (and not in a positive way)

It is reported that a 50 year old man, who lived near the area of Old Anarkali, Lahore committed suicide on Thursday after losing his whole month’s salary to a bet that he placed on the cricket match between Bangladesh & Pakistan.

Shafiq who was a junior clerk in Punjab Irrigation Department, was discovered hanged in his office that is on Church Road. He belonged to a lower-middle case family and he used to earn a sum of 30,000 rupees per month. The police looked into the matter and interrogated man’s relatives and colleagues

On general interrogation, the deceased’s brother, Mr. M. Ramzan told the police that, according to him his brother, M. Shafiq had gambled his monthly pay that was of Rupees 30,000 away on a match that Pakistan lost to Bangladesh.

“My brother committed suicide after losing money on the match,” Ramzan told a reporter in Dawn.

The irrigation officials of Punjab Irrigation Department alerted the police after finding M. Shafiq hanged with the ceiling fan on the 2nd floor of the same building. The Police moved his body to morgue for autopsy and later it was handed over to the family after the legal formalities were completed.

On further investigation, the Investigating Officer ASI Manzoor told that the man, Muhammad Shafiq was regularly involved in gambling on cricket matches from the past couple of years. The inspector claimed that the gambler had bet on the Asia Cup Match and when Pakistan lost to Bangladesh, he committed suicide after losing the money to the bet.