Man arrested for burning down a mosque in Texas

US media reported on Friday, police has arrested a man who reportedly burnt a mosque in a town near Houston.

Marq Vincent Perez, 25, burglarised the mosque at the Islamic Centre in Victoria, a town in Texas, on Jan 22 and then again on Jan 28, when he started the fire that caused widespread damage to the facility.

On Thursday, Police also told a federal judge in Corpus Christi that they had arrested Peraz as he was processing a destructive device too.

According to the statement of US attorney’s office, Perez wanted to use the contraption, made of fireworks, to start a car fire on Jan 15.

But US Magistrate Judge B. Janice Ellington refused to bail out the suspect, saying that evidence of his involvement in a “hate crime” contributed to her decision to hold him without bond pending further proceedings.

Defence Attorney Mark Di Carlo said the accusations were “speculation” and “hearsay”.

“We dispute the charges,” the lawyer said but the Judge disagreed.

On January 28th a fire that destroyed the only mosque in Victoria was officially ruled arson last month. The Victoria community rallied around the small Muslim congregation and a GoFundMe campaign brought in nearly $1 million in the first two days after the incident.

A synagogue in Victoria also gave its facility to local Muslims for offering prayers.

After receiving keys from the synagogue, the Victoria Islamic Centre wrote on Facebook that “Today, our faith in humanity has been rekindled again.”