Malls In Pakistan Are Dead

But why?

Apart from a few lucky malls, most of them are dead. The ones who are successful usually have a mix of all services provided and variety of markets for each industry such as fashion, technology, furniture and food. These malls also have different brands to cater all sorts of audience; children, adults, women and men, people of the upper class, middle class and lower class. They have employees who clean the floors, guards who maintain security, drivers for valet and some guides on information desks. These malls take care of certain facilities such as abundant parking, air-conditioning, security, and lighting. It is after the provision of such facilities and services that the mall succeeds.

Some fortress malls are still succeeding due to the rapid population growth, desirable tenant mix and high amenities offered.

There are particular aspects that a customer looks for while visiting malls. These aspects include walkability. This means that the floors should be clean and spacious. The corridors shouldn’t feel congested or crowded.

It is a must for the mall to have an urban feel to it; this is because the customer would feel intrigued to visit it due to its look. It will attract more people who would want to experience something different than the ordinary environment around them.

Another very important thing that malls should aim to cater is to provide local restaurants. When customers are shopping they would prefer to eat something they like. If local restaurants open their outlets here then firstly, their customers will undoubtedly visit the mall to find everything under one roof, that is, their favourite food and other brands. Secondly, they will help in raising popularity of the mall and providing customers with a variety of services.

Lastly, the mall should have something different, new and unique that will attract customers and they will inevitably come to the mall since there is nothing like it anywhere else. This unique thing can either be their architecture or other facilities like a special play area. Mall 1 introduced its Laser tag area 2 years ago which gained it a lot of popularity and many customers visited the mall. Emporium advertised their area for children called ‘bounce’ since there was no other mall in Lahore that provided the same facility. Packages mall advertised its huge size, claiming it to be the biggest in Lahore. These specialties of each mall manage to attract customers who are eager to find entertainment in Lahore.

48% of millennials say that customer service is very important. While 68% demand an integrated, seamless shopping experience regardless of channel. 80% want brands to entertain and delight them during their shopping experience.

Online shopping has increased in popularity because it offers a wider selection and cheaper prices due to which malls lose their footfall.

Consumers want to provide feedback, they do this through social media sites such as instagram and twitter, this way they can suggest improvements and commend the positives. Consumers prefer connectivity, and when they feel engaged, they tend to visit the mall believing that it will consider their dislikes and likes. This way everyone benefits; producers are directly linked with the consumers and are able to understand what the customer demands.

It is true that malls these days are not successful, but the demand is increasing, with some important measures and changes, every mall can wish to succeed.