Mall of Lahore Caught on Fire

Fire breaks out in Lahore

Reports have recently surfaced that the Mall of Lahore situated near Girja Chowk in Lahore was caught on fire sometime today. Videos have surfaced online with shoppers claiming that smoke can be seen coming from a particular outlet which seems to be closed at the time. The onlookers can also be observed discussing how the mall may have caught on fire.According to Lahore News, the fire seems to have broken out on the third floor due to an AC unit.

Although, the fire does not seem to have spread far in the videos that have surfaced, it is yet to be confirmed the extent to which damage has been caused by it. The time of the incident is also yet to be determined. Moreover, in another smaller video, mall management can be seen requesting people to move to a side, in hopes of controlling the situation.

However, what stands out for a person of consciousness is whether the shoppers should have been standing making the videos instead of looking for someone who could take action and try to put out the fire. Or better yet, could have tried to guide others from going near the affected area. Let us hope that there are not many casualties from this accident. Moreover, the mall management should be commended on their efforts for quickly evacuating the building before people could have gotten seriously hurt.