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Malaysia: An Anti-Shia State

You can be anybody in Malaysia but a Shia.

Malaysia is a country with Muslim majority where one can belong to any religion but can’t afford to be a Shia-Muslim. But despite its Anti-Shia policies, Shia following is growing in Malaysia ever since The National Fatwa Council of Malaysia issued a ban on Shia to publicly exhibit or promote their faith. Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) recognizes Shia community as a key threat to Malaysia’s security and considers it an extremist element in Islamic community.

The first major crackdown on Shiite community was in 2011 when the religious police of Malaysia detained more than 100 Shiites during a raid of a three-story shop-house. These people were gathered to mourn the death of Imam Hussain (RA). This was the largest sweeps in more than a decade against a particular community which ignited not only outrage but terror among the Malaysian Shiite community. Important to note here that Shiite community is small in number but fastest growing despite all the bans imposed and terror in practice by the government.

When government becomes a hardliner, it becomes another kind of terrorism which they want to exercise.

According to Asri Zainul Abidin (a well-respected religious scholar), “Malaysia is trying to become a country a la Taliban that only allows one school of thought,”

Malaysia is believed to be a marionette of Saudi Wahhabi regime and enjoy a fetish master-slave relationship. This religious terrorism won’t stop here; Malaysia would be recognized as an anti-Shia, anti-Christian, and an anti-Hindu Wahhabi regime in few years down the lane. Worth mentioning here that Saudi government funnels millions in the name of donation to pull the string of its puppet regime.

Malaysian reputation for religious tolerance is lost to the money which it takes from its master. The discrimination has been under the wraps for quite some time now, but it is becoming official to outlaw the second largest group, Shiite, of Islam.

Kamil Zuhairi Abdul Aziz (a well-known religious scholar) says, “We are the oppressed people,”

According to an estimate, there are at least 40,000 Shiites in Malaysia which is home to 16 million Muslims in general; important to notify here though the number of Shiites could be higher because many would conceal their faith to avoid execution or other troubles.