Before Making her Debut in Bollywood: Priyanka Chopra Missed Out on 8 films Due to Her Nose

By Atiya Riffat

Priyanka Chopra appeared in Bollywood in 2003 with Hero: Love Story of a Spy which likewise featured Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta. Today, she has turned into a worldwide whiz. After showing up as the lead in the American TV series Quantico, she has set up herself as a skilled on-screen character in the West as well.

As indicated by Pinkvilla, an upcoming biography on Chopra, titled Priyanka Chopra: The Dark Horse, uncovers that she missed out on numerous roles previously sacking her first Bollywood venture. One such movie was Vijay Galani’s untitled movie which was to be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and co-star Bobby Deol. The film ended up being racked.

At the celebration of the primary shoot of the film, Chopra’s then manager Prakash Jaju persuaded producer Galani to meet her in her cosmetics van. Galani uncovers in the book, “Priyanka had some nasal surgery done in London where the bridge of her nose had crumpled. I couldn’t accept what I was seeing. I had a little bit of shooting here in Film City and after that a long schedule arranged in London. How might we shoot with the heroine’s nose looking the way it did?”

lost out

Galani describes that Chopra was unflinching by it and stayed certain that her nose would recover in less than multi month, a long time before they planned to shoot in London. However, multi month passed and her nose was as yet an issue. Deol appeared to be awkward with Priyanka’s look and quit the film as well. Mahesh Manjrekar’s market value too too smashed owing to a series of film industry flops. Galani was compelled to hold the film.

Around this time, as revealed by a make-up artist in the book, Priyanka had missed out on 7-8 films because of her nose surgery. Director Anil Sharma had been planning to supplant Priyanka from his film. But, after much arguing by Prakash Jaju, he thought about Priyanka for the part of the second lead in The Hero. She unexpectedly appeared with Bobby Deol’s brother Sunny Deol.

After signing Chopra, the producer left for the states and Canada for around three to four months. Upon his arrival he was welcomed with bits of gossip that Chopra had completed her lips. He was cited to have stated, “When I returned and started working on the script, I started to hear that she’d had some surgery done, that she needed moping lips like Julia Roberts.”

When the Mary Kom star and her mom Madhu Chopra came to meet Sharma on his arrival, the director was irate. He was furious with the actress because of her surgery. The mother daughter twosome endeavored to quiet him around saying that the injury will take 6-7 months to mend. They had moved toward returning home since Priyanka had missed out on films.

Priyanka will star nearby Salman Khan in the upcoming Bollywood film Bharat, set to release on Eid 2019.